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Sharing is the base of innovation. Only by enabling people to participate in the generation and improvement of new concepts, we can create bold new solutions to the challenges of our time. The crowd has an immense knowledge that can determine the success of the most diverse initiatives.
Get involved, submit your ideas, give your feedback and contribute with your unique skills to shape the solutions of tomorrow.


How it works

For Supporters

Discover projects

Discover projects from all-over the world and participate to their elaboration

Give your input

Give your input, share your expertise and become a recognized supporter

Find investments

Find investment opportunities and track their progress and performance


For Entrepreneurs

Use collaborative interface

Use a collaborative interface that helps structuring your business strategy

Invite your network

Invite your network and build your community of supporters

Ask questions

Ask questions, find partners and use the crowd to improve your business

For organizations

Accelerate the development
Accelerate the development of
new products and services by
tapping into the collective
knowledge of your network
Work together
Enable the participation of
stakeholders that work together
on smarter solutions that create
value for the organization
Be proactive
Incentivise proactivity and
collaboration by rating the work
done by your peers according
to their skills and attitude

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Make your part.

We are triggering a new era of open collaboration and we need everyone’s help to succeed. You have the opportunity to discover, spark, share, evaluate and develop new amazing ideas while collaborating with passionate and bright people. Be part of something bigger: bring your unique value to the innovations of tomorrow!

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