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    Your community for Open Innovation

    Babele is about enabling people to participate in the generation and improvement of new concepts, in order to create bold new solutions to the challenges of our time. Babele is dedicated to social businesses, to projects from the collaborative economy and to initiatives that outline a clear strategy for their social and environmental impact.

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    Create a sustainable business

    Convert your idea into a business model and crowd-validate the key business assumptions by involving your network of beneficiaries, mentors and stakeholders. The community can give you feedback, provide answers, post documents, share statistics and help you avoid wasting time, money and resources, from the conception stage to the implementation.

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    Failing to plan is planning to fail

    Babele helps you creating a structured business model thanks to an interactive canvas with several tips that will guide you through the process. We provide a unique combination of lean startup, social impact assessment, and strategy planning. This methodology has been implemented and refined in 13 countries with over 400 entrepreneurs.

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    Make your part.

    If you are looking to give your input, in Babele you have the opportunity to discover, spark, share, evaluate and develop new amazing ideas while collaborating with passionate and bright entrepreneurs. Be part of something bigger: Join an ecosystem of Entrepreneurs, Supporters, Experts and Organizations. Together we can tap into our collective genius and create smarter solutions for tomorrow.

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    Work Smarter

    Organise your support community in circles and share any part of your project with the people you choose. In Babele you can manage the privacy of your business model in a very easy and flexible way: you can organise your discussions in order to involve only the right people, increasing your communication efficiency and avoiding spam.

For incubators, universities & organizations

Accelerate the development
Accelerate the development of
new products and services by
tapping into the collective
knowledge of your network
Work together
Enable the participation of
stakeholders that work together
on smarter solutions that create
value for the organization
Be proactive
Incentivise proactivity and
collaboration by rating the work
done by your peers according
to their skills and attitude

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